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Welcome to the Netflix top 50, where two newbies are at the top of the list and The Sandman has finally lost its top spot on the TV charts. Here are the top 25 films and top 25 television shows that are currently ranking in the top 10 worldwide.

This list, which is powered by FlixPatrol, is created by looking at the daily top 10 lists from different geographical areas and then giving points values to each movie that is included. These points are added at the end of the week so we can see what Netflix series are popular.

Top 25 Movies on Netflix Globally This Month

Top 25 Movies on Netflix Globally This Month
  1. Love in the Villa (5604 points)
  2. I Came By (4873 points)
  3. Me Time (4108 points)
  4. Loving Adults (2461 points)
  5. End of the Road (1464 points)
  6. Under Her Control (1148 points)
  7. No Limit (981 points)
  8. White Chicks (924 points)
  9. Hanna (866 points)
  10. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (678 points)
  11. Triple 9 (674 points)
  12. The Hunt (588 points)
  13. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (542 points)
  14. That’s Amor (517 points)
  15. HIT: The First Case (491 points)
  16. Labor Day (488 points)
  17. Seoul Vibe (450 points)
  18. Bad Boys for Life (403 points)
  19. The Sum of All Fears (388 points)
  20. The Accountant (364 points)
  21. The Next 365 Days (350 points)
  22. Rise of the Legend (329 points)
  23. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (325 points)
  24. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (315 points)
  25. Fenced In (291 points)

Top 25 TV Series on Netflix Globally This Month

The Sandman

The Sandman has now begun to exhibit some stalling in the top 10s as fresh content is released to the site, as we predicted last week. It slipped to fifth place. For the previous 4 weeks, The Sandman was ranked first in our top 50 lists.

The Daria Polatin limited series Devil in Ohio, starring Emily Deschanel and Sam Jaeger, received the highest points this week in the top 10.

  1. Devil in Ohio (5133 points)
  2. Young Lady and Gentleman (2637 points)
  3. High Heat (2402 points)
  4. Partner Track (2358 points)
  5. The Sandman (2243 points)
  6. Dated and Related (2223 points)
  7. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2097 points)
  8. Cobra Kai (1611 points)
  9. Manifest (1592 points)
  10. Diary of a Gigolo (1369 points)
  11. Alchemy of Souls (1340 points)
  12. Pasión de gavilanes (1046 points)
  13. Echoes (1045 points)
  14. Stranger Things (972 points)
  15. The Imperfects (828 points)
  16. The Crown (666 points)
  17. Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord (546 points)
  18. Military Prosecutor Doberman (513 points)
  19. The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives (508 points)
  20. Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series (496 points)
  21. Little Women (480 points)
  22. Hunter x Hunter (346 points)
  23. I Am a Killer (310 points)
  24. Delhi Crime (268 points)
  25. Queen of the South (261 points)

What are you currently binge-watching on Netflix? Please tell us in the comments.


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