Netflix Top 50: ‘End of the Road’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ Major Titles This Week


Welcome to the Netflix top 50, where two new titles are once again at the top of their respective lists. Here are the top 25 movies and top 25 television shows that are currently ranking in the top 10 worldwide.

This list is compiled using data provided by FlixPatrol. They compile the global Netflix top 10s and provide points to each top 10 TV and movie title. The data from all 89 of the countries they monitor are combined at the end of the week, and the top 50 Netflix titles are then revealed.

Netflix will update their top 10 websites on Tuesday evening (8 PM BST), where we’ll get lots of new data from Netflix on what’s been popular over the last 7 days.

Most Popular Series on Netflix Globally This Week

cobra kai
Cobra Kai rockets to the top spot worldwide this week with a pretty handsome lead in terms of points when all is said and done. The popular series rocketed to the top spot following season 6 having a full week under its belt.

The Crown has had a significant comeback on Netflix during the last week. Of course, the revival coincides with people either watching for the first time or watching it again after Queen Elizabeth II passed away last week. Considering that the burial is scheduled for September 19th, we anticipate this pattern will only persist throughout the ensuing week.

Devil in Ohio dropped off dramatically this week falling down to the sixth position and this will likely fall even further come to the end of next week.

  1. Cobra Kai (5648 points)
  2. The Crown (4215 points)
  3. Narco-Saints (3556 points)
  4. Diary of a Gigolo (3155 points)
  5. The Imperfects (2834 points)
  6. Devil in Ohio (2414 points)
  7. Young Lady and Gentleman (2188 points)
  8. Fate: The Winx Saga (1498 points)
  9. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (1061 points)
  10. High Heat (849 points)
  11. Pasión de gavilanes (752 points)
  12. Little Women (738 points)
  13. Dated and Related (698 points)
  14. Manifest (665 points)
  15. The Lørenskog Disappearance (658 points)
  16. Alchemy of Souls (607 points)
  17. El Rey: Vicente Fernandez (517 points)
  18. Sins of Our Mother (485 points)
  19. The Sandman (448 points)
  20. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (440 points)
  21. Love is Blind (434 points)
  22. Stranger Things (320 points)
  23. Partner Track (319 points)
  24. Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord (305 points)
  25. Entrapped (298 points)

Most Popular Movies on Netflix Globally This Week

end of the road queen latifah

The thriller starring Queen Latifah, End of the Road, won the week’s top critics’ awards, narrowly defeating the French film No Limit. Beyond French boundaries, the sports romance film has gained popularity in most parts of the world.

Elsewhere in the top 10, Do Revenge makes a great start in most regions following its debut on Friday.

This week, Love in the Villa falls to third place, while I Came By and Me Time maintain their positions in the global top 10 charts.

  1. End of the Road (5607 points)
  2. No Limit (5570 points)
  3. Love in the Villa (2916 points)
  4. I Came By (2065 points)
  5. Me Time (1712 points)
  6. Do Revenge (1621 points)
  7. Ek Villain Returns (1041 points)
  8. Triple 9 (860 points)
  9. White Chicks (798 points)
  10. The Invisible Man (668 points)
  11. Loving Adults (637 points)
  12. Dolittle (571 points)
  13. Charlie’s Angels (407 points)
  14. Bad Boys for Life (401 points)
  15. Matilda (380 points)
  16. Wonder Woman 1984 (360 points)
  17. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (357 points)
  18. Labor Day (354 points)
  19. The Catholic School (328 points)
  20. The Core (322 points)
  21. HIT: The First Case (320 points)
  22. Zombieland: Double Tap (296 points)
  23. Infinite (293 points)
  24. Dilwale (272 points)
  25. The Hunt (268 points)

What have you been viewing this week on Netflix? Please tell us in the comments.


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